20230312 Defining Moments: Life is Too Short to Be Little

March 12, 2023 Pastor: Dave Poolman Series: Defining Moments

Scripture: Luke 10:38– :42

In addition to the New International Version of the Bible (2011, Biblica), the following resources were used to help write this sermon: Fred B. Craddock, Luke in the Interpretation Commentary, pp. 151-52;  William Hendriksen, The Gospel of Luke in the New Testament Commentary, pp. 597-600; R. Kent Hughes, Luke, Volume One in the Preaching the Word Commentary, pp. 395-401; Bruce Larson, Luke in The Communicator’s Commentary, pp. 185-86; Beth Moore, Jesus, the One and Only, pp.199-204; Bruce W. Thielemann, Life is Too Short to Be Little, First Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA, #755.