As followers of Jesus Christ, we are people on a journey.  Our journey is one of growing in faith and in living the Christian life.  Our faith is based on God’s revealing Himself to us in Scripture, the Bible.  As we walk the journey of faith, we believe and do our best to live the following.

The Bible

God has given us His inspired Word, the Bible.  It is completely reliable and is the authoritative guide for what we believe and how we are to live.  We do our best to read the Bible daily and to study it.

The Sovereign, Triune God of the Bible 

God reveals Himself to us in the Bible as the one eternal God Who is made up of three distinct and equal persons:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  God is sovereign, in control of all things. He created this world, upholds it, has an eternal plan for it, and is actively and passionately involved in our lives. Therefore we can trust Him in all things and live in a trust relationship with Him.

God’s Covenant of Grace 

God, in His eternal plan, chose to call His people into a personal relationship with Him in which His promised blessings to us are combined with our commitment and accountability to Him

The Reality of Sin 

Sin has so pervaded us and this world that we are naturally alienated from God and cannot change this.  Only God can change this.

Salvation by Grace

Our salvation from sin, death, and satan is entirely a gift of God’s grace.  He gives us salvation freely because He loves us, not because we deserve it.  We do not and cannot earn our salvation.

The Saving Work of Jesus Christ  

Jesus is the only way of salvation.  He willingly gave Himself as the atoning sacrifice for our sins.  Our faith is built on the reality of His death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven and on the anticipation of His return to this planet as the Triumphant King.  All creation will be judged; the earth will be renewed; we will live with Him forever.

The Love and Care of the Father 

The Father has a deep love for us.  We see this in His sending His Son to become one of us human beings and in His giving His Son to become the atoning sacrifice for our sins.

The Empowering Work of the Holy Spirit 

The Holy Spirit works in us to give us faith and indwells us to live faith-filled lives.  We depend on His daily giving us His power.

The Believer’s Personal, Living Relationship with Jesus Christ 

We have a living, personal relationship with Jesus Who is Lord over every part of our lives. We live in the reality of His love and grace and with confidence and hope. 

The Church 

To belong to Jesus is to be part of His family, the Church.  The integrity of our faith and life is not only our individual responsibility but also a responsibility of the Church.  We hold each other accountable and encourage each other.