Our congregation is divided into four districts, each headed by a Shepherding Elder-Deacon team. Each of the  members and attendees of our church is served by one of the district teams listed below.
Each Shepherding Elder-Deacon team is repsonsible for the spiritual and material welfare of the families and individuals under their care.  Periodically, they will call or visit you. If you have a specific need, please do not hesitate to call on your elder or deacon. They will be happy to serve you. 
1: A-F
Alex Madda
Cathy Cerrigione
2: G-L
Ron Straayer
Alicia Christians
3: M-Ra
Marg Christians
Lori Johnson
4: Re-Z
John Hibma
Wyatt Mund
Administrative Elders and Deacons
President:                              Brad Sylvester
Vice President:                     Pastor Dave Poolman
Clerk:                                     Jim Brownell
Administrative Deacon:       Brendan Flynn